Row Row Row Your Boat – Adventure in the Boat

Once upon a time, Ray and his friend Ryan decided to go on an adventure during the summer. This nursery rhyme is all about that. They have tried a number of adventures and this time, they decided they would go on a boat cruise.

“It’s adventure time!” Ray and Ryan screamed in excitement as they jumped into their boat and rowed off. As they rowed the boat, they sang melodiously kids song; “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream”.

“This is so much fun!” Ryan called out to Ray as they rowed the boat. Suddenly it began to rain. The rained was so heavy that they both began to shiver because they were wet. Their fun cruise gradually became gloomy. Ray looked at his friend Ryan shivering and began to sing; “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, if the rain gets you wet, don’t forget to shiver” they both began to laugh and started and their fun cruise continued. The sun came down and dried up the rain.

Ryan became tired as he rowed the boat. As Ray watched the water flow and Ryan rowing tiredly, he said to his friend; “rowing’s fun Ryan, but rowing’s hard, that is what I know”. He took the paddle over and began to row. They became happy as they rowed their boat deeper and farther trying to find their way back to the shore. The birds, the ducks, the fishes, the frogs and all other sea creatures sang along with them melodiously. This made Ryan so excited and he stood up and began to dance.

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the lake, don’t stand up and rock the boat, that’s a big mistake!” Ray called out in excitement; “Look Ryan, that’s the sea shore. I see the water run. Oh we’re almost done”

Safely they got to the sea shore. “This is was such an adventure. Let’s row it again” Ryan said to Ray as they went home.

The Five Little Monkeys with Bumpy Heads

Five Little Monkeys is a beautiful pre-school song that toddlers consider fun. This could be because it activates the natural instincts in children to jump and sometimes bump their heads.

There ought to be a warning before kids listen to this nursery rhyme because it has the potential of causing them to misbehave during bedtime.

It was beautiful fun day with the monkey family. When it was bedtime, mama monkey tucked her five little monkeys jumping on the bed, kissed them all good night and shut the door. Little did mama monkey realize that her five little monkeys had their own plans for the night.

As soon as the door closed behind them, they all sprang up and began to jump on the bed. They jumped so high and hard that one fell off and bumped his head. “Oh no!” they cried out. Mama monkey hurried into the room to see what the problem was. She went over to the phone and called the doctor. The doctor told her what to do and warned; “no more monkeys jumping on the bed”.

She tucked the remaining four monkeys on the bed, kissed them all good night in hope that they have learned their lessons.

Barely had the door closed when all four monkeys began jumping on the bed again. This time, they jumped higher and harder until a second monkey fell off and bumped his head. “Not again” mama monkey cried out when she came into the room. She went to the phone, called the doctor again to report the situation and the doctor gave her the same instruction; “no more monkeys jumping on the bed”.

The monkeys went on and on until all five had their heads bumped and taken to the hospital. This time, they learned a hard lesson never to jump on the bed again.

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