Month: February 2019

Top 3 Indian Entrepreneurs Right Now

Being famous or successful in this day and age is harder than ever as a budding business entrepreneur. But if the past few decades have proven anything, it’s that all it takes is a great idea and some passion to drive it forward. With that in mind, here are India’s top three brilliant minds right now.

Advait Thakur

At the young age of 15, Advait Thakur is the founder and CEO of one of India’s premier tech companies, Apex Infosys India. Adavit has been always at the forefront of success and has been a tech prodigy for most of his life. He started using computers at the mere age of six and launched his first website three years later at the age of nine.

He’s well versed in programming and is a Certified Google, Bing and Hubspot Professional. His company Apex Infosys India works in all kinds of areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & IOT Sector.

Kavita Shukla

Kavita Shukla is an entrepreneur in the truest form. She began her journey of success as early as the age of 12 when she noticed her grandmother’s spice tea managed to fend off her stomach problems. Throughout the years she started winning several science fairs and using the prize money to fund her idea.

At age 17, she patented her idea for a spice infused piece of paper which helps keeps produce fresh. She is currently involved in research and is receiving funding offers from major companies.

Anand Mishra

Indian Entrepreneur Anand Mishra started off as an ordinary computer programmer with a big dream. A few years later he launched his company Star Infranet in 2010. He has been deeply involved with tech world as well as good leadership experience leading several large roles.

His company offers countless tech services for people. As far being an Indian entrepreneur Anand Mishra is up there with top names right now.