About Information TV Media Network

Information TV Network founder and promoter, is one of the youngest people in the media industry to run such a company. He is also one of the most successful media entrepreneurs in India.

It is due to his exceptional management skills and his hardworking nature that he is able to accomplish so much at a young age. He is the owner of two channels, the Hindi language channel called India News and the English language channel called NewsX. Both of these channels are among the leaders in the media industry, with NewsX receiving the award for being the Best English Channel of the Year in India within the span of just two years.

Kartikeya Sharma Information TV Network also owns two successfully running newspapers in India, which are called The Sunday Guardian (an English newspaper) and Aaj Samaaj (a Hindi newspaper). These are considered to be some of the fastest growing newspapers in the country.

He understands the importance of digital evolution and realizes that all newspapers and television channels must have an online presence in order to get ahead. At the same time, the concept of a physical newspaper is still very much alive. Many people still like to read their morning paper or subscribe to a weekly Sunday newspaper which can cover all the news and events around the country and internationally. This is why his companies offer both options to customers.

Kartikeya Sharma’s iTV Network has grown tremendously. Even though there are bigger and better media companies which give quite a competition, Kartikeya Sharma was able to transform these newspapers and channels into a successfully running business in no time with his vision and knowledge.

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